Shawn Mendes at Golden 1 Center

Shawn Mendes Tickets

Golden 1 Center | Sacramento, California

Golden 1 Center is going to have a full house audience when Shawn Mendes makes it to Sacramento on Thursday 11th July 2019 for a once-in-a-lifetime concert. If you are a follower of the genre or adore the musical stylings of this band, then mark your calendars and clear your Thursday evenings and get set for an breathtaking evening at the Golden 1 Center. This band has a track record of award winning shows with critics already calling them the leading act of 2019 and you get to experience them on stage in person for their July concert. Tunes from their top 100, their favorite songs and a few extras that we won't spoil here will all be performed and sung for you from the leading venue in California. So purchase your Shawn Mendes tickets now while numbers last, because once they're sold out, your opportunity to see this group will be gone.

Shawn Mendes at Golden 1 Center

Did you know that critics rate Golden 1 Center as one of the best venues for live concert performances in 2019? That’s because they not only have a history of booking the premier in local and national talent to perform on their stage, but also because of the huge list of perks that guests and patrons can enjoy. Your ticket will buy you access to a dance floor that’s wide-open and spacious making it the perfect place to get off your seats and shake it for your favorite music stars. This venue has comfortable seating and unsurpassed lighting work, meaning that you won’t miss the action from any seat in the house and every seat will be comfortable and relaxing. It also features stylish decor and unsurpassed sound engineering to ensure that your evening with Golden 1 Center is guaranteed to be top shelf entertainment from the moment you enter the doors. So if you want to join many others who have already ordered tickets to see Shawn Mendes live in concert on Thursday 11th July 2019 at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento California, click that Buy Tickets button below.

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